The Great Outdoors

  • “The nursery is a hive of purposeful activity and children are enthusiastic and effective learners. They relish opportunities for outdoor play, and their physical skills and understanding of nature develop particularly well.”
    OFSTED Report finding, 2015
  • The Great Outdoors

    Sowing the seeds of learning in fertile surroundings

    Children love going outside in the fresh air and we just love letting them out to investigate, discover, climb, slide, run, ride, clamber, splash and generally absorb wave after wave of new findings and fun.

    All three of our settings host extensive grounds to maximise the times when the sun shines and our ‘little charges’ can sow their seeds of learning in fertile surroundings.

    The Ragaden – our natural resources area – is one where the children can dig, forage for mini-beasts, plant fruit & vegetables, role play, embark on ‘treasure’ hunts and give full rein to their range of senses.

  • We’re here to ensure each child flourishes in every conceivable way:

    The playground is a perennial favourite with all the children. Activities include; bats & balls, water & sand play, bikes & cars (pedal power only!), role playing, along with ever popular group games, such as ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf?’

    Soft surface areas accommodate climbing frames, see-saws, obstacle courses and play host to races of varying descriptions.

    Purpose-built decking areas are set aside for our Mini Muffins for when they venture out to take in the sights, smells and sounds of Mother Nature.

    Ragamuffins ‘alfresco’ is a very popular feature and one which wins warm and regular plaudits from parents.