• “Children busy themselves in their chosen play and are totally engaged and active participants in their own learning. They are entranced as they imagine they are superheroes. Children pretend to climb walls and make believe they are spinning webs with their fingers.”
    OFSTED Report key finding, 2018
  • Immersed in the learning zone

    An environment designed to intrigue, inspire and challenge

    With added emphasis on independence, self confidence and choice, our Pre-school children are immersed in the learning zone – a multitude of zones, to be more precise.

    In an environment designed to intrigue, inspire and challenge, a structure of distinct and defined ‘zones’ are available to the children, enabling them to choose areas, activities and topics that hold the most appeal.

    The zones include; Science & Nature, Maths, Role Play, Mark Making & Crafts, Books in the Den, Music, Sand, ICT, Small World play along with Construction & Block play.

  • A host of activities

    Daily routines extend to; Story & Rhyme Time, Jolly Phonics (a fun way to learn letter sounds), Days of the Week & Weather, The Ragaden (our natural environment area) along with a host of outdoor activities.

    The Pre-school children can also enjoy local outings & walks, plus special theme days to complement study subjects.

  • “Staff ensure that children are confident, articulate, creative and well prepared for school and their future learning.”
    OFSTED Report key finding, 2015