Mobile Muffins – Toddler Floor

  • “Staff have a secure knowledge of how children learn and provide a rich, varied and imaginative programme of activities and play opportunities. Babies and toddlers play with musical instruments and explore various cause and effect toys. They demonstrate curiosity as they push, pull, lift or press parts of these toys to discover what might happen.”
    OFSTED Report key finding, 2015
  • Mobile Muffins

    Ready to Explore

    With Mini Muffins in the rear view mirror, there’s no looking back as your child moves seamlessly into Mobile Muffin mode and progresses through to the Toddler Floor.

    As they approach two-years of age the children are more than ready to explore exhilarating new learning horizons.

    Daily activities include; Sand & Water play, Art & Crafts, Role play & Dressing up, Music & Song time, Stories & Rhymes, Messy & Outdoor play.

  • An exciting and imaginative adventure

    It’s an exciting and imaginative adventure designed to optimise a child’s learning capabilities, all of which are observed and documented by our expert team.

    We can also help the children move on from going ‘potty’ to being ‘flushed with success’ as we are here to assist with toilet training.

    And, amid all the excitement, there’s still time for a nap, with toddlers still offered a quiet and peaceful area for a relaxing snooze.