Meet The Team

A wealth of childcare and early learning experience
  • “The management team is dedicated to their roles and have an excellent knowledge of how children learn and develop. They show passion and commitment to delivering the best service for children and their families.”
    OFSTED Report key finding, 2018
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  • First established in 1994, Ragamuffins can draw upon a wealth of childcare and early learning experience.

    Our accomplished and talented team have created and sustained a rich and stimulating environment, one in which your child will thrive and prosper on their voyage of discovery.

    We’d like to introduce ourselves in person and say why we love being here.

    • Stephanie Mahon
      Owner of Ragamuffins

      My role is to oversee everything we do. Ultimately it’s my responsibility to make sure all the children are happy, busy and engaged during their time with us.

      I’m very fortunate that the entire Ragamuffins team is so passionate, skilled and professional, and we all love what we do.

      It’s tremendously satisfying to know that we are making a positive difference in their lives as they grow and mature.

      We never rest on our laurels, we’re always exploring opportunities, undertaking training and applying new learning to ensure we’re providing the best possible service

    • Susanne Cartwright
      Manager & Early Years Teacher

      Children are naturally curious and a key element of my job is to stimulate their senses and help them explore new topics and areas of learning.

      We build up a rapport with them and treat them as little adults, always respecting each child’s individuality.

      It helps to not take yourself too seriously in this job – the children love nothing more than having a good giggle at my expense!

      It’s great to hear parents say that Ragamuffins is a ‘fantastic nursery’ – a real tribute to the professionalism and commitment of the entire team.

    • Natalie Crawford
      Manager & Early Years Teacher

      Every day we come to work we share in the children’s excitement as they learn new things and have so much fun.

      Capturing such happy moments and witnessing their development is one of the biggest joys of my job.

      We’re constantly seeking ways to deliver even better outcomes for the children, so they’re fully prepared, ready and able to start school.

      We have a great sense of teamwork and all the staff get along really well.

    • Kiki Brierley
      Deputy Manager & Early Years Teacher

      It may sound like a bit of a cliché but we really are one big happy family. Seeing all the children’s faces light up with excitement on a daily basis is really nice.

      I always regard the children as our customers – they’re the ones entrusted to our care and the ones we want to help nurture and develop.

      No two days are alike – each presents its own challenges and brings its own rewards.

      It’s a very demanding job, but I don’t think I could work anywhere else and get the same job satisfaction as I do here.

    • Lucy Davies
      Manager, Early Childhood Studies BA (Hons)

      Every day I enjoy coming to Ragamuffins, as we really are just one big family.

      Seeing the children learn, develop and grow whilst they are here makes every day new and exciting.

      To me, parent and carer partnership is one of the most important elements of my job and I really enjoy building and maintaining the partnerships we have with all of our parents.

      The team work ethic and morale is something I ensure is kept at its highest, making Ragamuffins a truly wonderful place to work.

  • “Staff feel supported in their professional development, which is highly personalised according to their needs and interests. This has a very positive impact on the quality of care and education provided and further develops staff's already excellent knowledge and skills.”
    OFSTED Report finding, 2018